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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Pick up Time: 10:00 AM
Drop off Time: 5:00 PM
Price per Adult: US $ 108 (AED 395 )
Price Per Child: US $ 75 (AED 275 )

Pick & Drop and Tickets Including this Price

(Minimum 2 persons)

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, is the world’s first Ferrari theme park and largest attraction of its kind. It will be an intense multi-sensory experience and a must-visit for enthusiasts, fans and families. The Park pays tribute to the passion, excellence, performance, technical innovation that Ferrari has established over the years and represents today. Its iconic sleek red roof is directly inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, spanning 200,000 m2 and carrying the largest Ferrari logo ever created.

The park hosts more than 20 unique rides and attractions for visitors of all ages and interests – from speed thrill rides to the world’s most advanced simulators and family-friendly attractions – in addition to a wide variety of Italian restaurants, unique shopping experiences and dedicated entertainment. All tickets provide unlimited use of rides and attractions inside Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Rides and attractions currently available:

Formula Rossa :

Strap yourself into the F1™ cockpit, hold on tight as you feel the acceleration of 240km/h in under 5 seconds and discover what 4.8Gs really feels like. You’ll launch 52 meters into the sky before flying through chicanes inspired by some the world’s most famous race tracks.

Fiorano GT Challenge :

The GT coasters are revving their engines and ready to race! Take on your friends as you jump into a Ferrari F430 Spider and may the best team win. As you reach speeds of 95 km/h, watch out for the hairpin turns then tear ahead through the straights. Feel the thrill and Gs of a real drag race as you out-maneuver and speed past the other GT coaster cars.

V12 :

Venture into the heart of a 12-cylinder Ferrari 599 engine and drop into a magnified, colossal world! This state-of-the-art flume ride takes you through giant pistons, inner chambers and through a maze of passageways.

Speed of Magic :

Where will Nello take you next? On this 4-D fantasy dreamscape, there is no limit! Go where no Ferrari has gone before on one of the world’s most sophisticated simulators as you search for Nello, a mischievous little driver. Experience real-life extremes in temperature, moisture, light and movement as this adventure brings all your senses to life with a little Ferrari magic.

Made in Maranello :

Cross the Ferrari gates into Maranello! Tour the historic Ferrari factory as you experience what was previously a privilege for only Ferrari owners. Discover exactly what goes into the making of a Ferrari.

The Racing Legends :

Surround yourself with unforgettable sights and sounds as this multimedia ride takes you through decades of heated racing action. Even the most knowledgeable race fans will discover Ferrari’s history in a new light.

Viaggio in Italia :

As your seat rises into the giant dome projection, fly high over the Italian mountains and villages, through the cities, forests, and vineyards on this epic journey through Italy. settle into your seat, lower your safety bar, and get ready to take flight!

Scuderia Challenge :

Race a variety of Ferraris solo or with a group on the virtual Yas Marina Circuit and see what you’re really made of! Similar to the simulators used by the Scuderia drivers in training.

Driving with the Champion :

In this cinematic motion-based simulator a young engineer gets to do just that as you sit right there with him. Step from the GT to the F1™, lean into the corners of the Fiorano track.

Junior GT :

Junior Pilotas start your GT engines! You’re kid’s driving education is only a few steps away. Junior GT is the first experience the Ferrari Driving School has to offer. Juinor Pilotas will learn how to keep it safe while enjoying driving their very first Ferrari.

Junior GP :

After watching a Junior Grand Prix educational film, kids will receive instructions from the trained experts before getting behind the wheel to pilot a perfectly scaled-down Ferrari F1™ racer. Junior Pilotas hone their racing skills along a challenging course of hairpin turns, tunnels, and straights, hugging the tracks.

Bell’Italia :

From breathtaking cityscapes to famous landmarks and racing venues, tour the picturesque Portofino and the Amalfi Coast, Monza Racetrack, the Colosseum di Roma, Venezia, and of course, Maranello. Surrounded by intricate attention to details.

Cinema Maranello :

Enter this grand old Italian theatre and you’ll immediately step back into the 1920s to experience the glamour and brute strength of the old Italian road race in ‘Coppa di Sicilia’, a film produced exclusively for Cinema Maranello.

Galleria Ferrari :

Get up close and personal with the ultimate display of Ferrari cars! Hailing from Maranello and top collectors from around the world, discover the art of the Ferrari. It’s an audio-visual dialogue between modern design, interactive technology, and history.

Fast Lane :

Our entertaining live host will test your knowledge in this fast-paced interactive game show where you can win and take home prizes!

Junior Training Camp :

Junior Training Camp is an experience for the whole family where every little racer loves to play! Let your kids discover the fun of imagination and play in the waterless carwash, become a custom constructor, climb up the grandstand, pilot remote controlled cars, peddle their own Ferrari and play with an F1™ car made entirely of kid-friendly foam.

Paddock :

Experience the Ferrari team mechanical trailers and motor homes and explore the garage where you’ll find real F1™cars, listen in on the strategy debate and discover how the race is managed. You’ll feel like you’re really there and part of the Scuderia team!

Tyre Twist :

Get ready to experience the traditional teacup ride – with a twist. Take a seat in one of our F1™ inspired tyres and hold on tight! Enjoy a family ride that will leave you crossing the finish line with guaranteed miles of smiles.

G-Force :

Bring the whole family, or those brave enough to strap into a custom Ferrari-style seat and feel the accelerating rush of an F1™ racecar. Launch 62 meters into the sky and enjoy the eagle-eye-view from the highest point on Yas Island before you plummet back to earth.


Discover a captivating world where racing and performance art become one. This awe-inspiring attraction combines action-packed acrobatics with multimedia magic. RED is a unique and unforgettable theatrical performance only at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi that can’t be missed!

Tour Prices

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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Duration :
Pick up time : 10:00 AM
Drop off time : 5:00 PM
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